Portable Fence Posts

Never dig a hole again!

Introducing the 3 R's - Reusable, Resellable and Reliable! Can Am's one-of-a-kind fence post design offers a quick and easy solution to all your fencing needs. No digging required, just set the posts in place. Suitable for ALL livestock: horse, beef, dairy, sheep and even goats!

  • Sits right on top of the ground
  • Totally portable and easily moveable
  • Available in 2 different sizes: 425 lb in line posts, & 1350 lb anchor posts
  • Adaptable to all types of electric wire or rope
  • Livestock won’t push them over
  • Completely weather resistant
  • Can be designed to your individual needs or requirements
  • Allows 90 Degree angle for corner stretching
  • Supports any gate
  • Allows for easy expansion, downsizing or restructuring of your pasture

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