Exposed Aggregate Flower Planters, Waste Receptacles & Snuffers

Add distinctive elegance to your interior or exterior landscaping project with our wide selection of attractive exposed aggregate concrete flower planters, waste receptacles and snuffers. We have an array of different shapes and sizes to choose from, and our simple, yet classic styling makes our furnishings ideal for almost any application whether it’s residential, industrial, commercial or institutional use.

Our exposed aggregate concrete design is highly weather resistant and made from extremely durable materials. Our exposed aggregate concrete products have been designed to withstand mother natures’s harsh climate, theft and vandalism while still retaining their good looks throughout the years making them a long term investment.

Some of the features included with Can Am’s waste receptacles are:

  • They have a cable tie which fastens the lid to the container which is concealed on the inside of the container. This ensures no one will steal the lid and it’s also easy for the person removing the garbage because the lid remains fastened to the container so it won’t blow away and he/she doesn’t even have to bend down to pick it up!
  • They have a steel basket insert so the bag fits nicely over that and is not exposed from the outside of the container
  • We also offer the option of custom logos

Click here for sizes and dimensions:

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